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Sex (latin sexus = sex / sex limb) or (only in the first two meanings) sexus can be:

  • professionally: sex (in all meanings, but in particular as an aggregate of anatomical, morphological and physiological traits related to reproduction) [note 1]
  • sexually motivated phenomena or behaviors, sexuality, in particular:
  • Sexual instinct, sexual instinct (especially manifested in behavior)
  • sexual relations
  • Sexual life, sexual life (a summary of the physical and mental components of human life related to gender differences)
    love feelings or experiences
    sexuality in the form depicted in the entertainment industry
    sexappeal, physical attraction
  • intercourse; sexual intercourse; (in the broadest sense 🙂 sexual activity (including masturbation if necessary) [note 2]
  • in slang: heating, reprimand
  • in computer science in short:
    Sign EXtend
    software exchange
  • part of French geographical names meaning lonely rocky hill, synonyms: six, scex, saix, says
  • six in Latin
  • abbreviation of constellation Sextant, see Sextant (constellation)
  • book from Madonna, see Sex (book of Madonna)
  • Mae West play, see Sex (play)
  • 1920 movie, see Sex (film)
  • Australian series, see Sex (series)
  • Former boutique in London, see Sex (boutique)
  • Name of multiple songs and music albums

Sex as the first part of compound words means:

  • sexual, sexual
  • sexually attractive, see under sexappeal
  • focusing on sexual activity, see under sexual activity
  • erotic, affectionate, see under erotica
  • six
  • consisting of six
  • given by six

SEX can be:

Sembach (IATA code)