I recommend you one thing I used to do when I understand how affirmations and our minds work. I was simply able to bring immediate attraction, self-confidence and some kind of magic to the personality before the meeting.

For example, before I go out with a woman, I said “I’m irresistible and will adore me.”

Thus, as I constantly rubbed this, even though it is not your case and you do not feel irresistible, know that a hundredfold repetition becomes true and ultimately you believe it.

By believing it and allowing this idea to flow through your whole body, it will simply emanate from your personality, your charism, your posture, your smile and your gaze.

You will practically broadcast this sentence through your personality.

If you have to say it 100 times on the road, how do you go to a woman, do it. Because if you think so, you believe it and when you believe it, you will behave accordingly. And they will feel it.

You need to feel so great for them. If you don’t know about it so far, this is the starting point for you. You need to know you’re asking for them.

If you think so, she’ll feel it. Women know 10 times better to read body language than we men do. You must have heard of female intuition or the sixth sense. They feel some spark and charism and that’s exactly what I’m talking about.


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