What at first glance seems to you to be illogical and strange, but I often talk to women about previous experiences with women I have met online.

Everybody else will tell you that not to talk to women about other women, but that is the magical moment where women will see that you usually meet like this and you take it all right, you are not doing anything, that you are desired and even other women have met you too, so there’s probably going to be something for you.

You have a great time talking about it (especially those unsuccessful events!) And you have a common theme where the surrounding area sees you shine (which connects you even more).

Have fun talking to her that how many RP find this way, how many guys call her for a meeting, what he sees and you can talk to her about other guys she had a date from the Internet, as it has been released so far …

These are the cool things you can talk about at the beginning of the meeting to break the ice.

It’s funny, because you usually end up in the fun of the awkward and witty past experiences of dating.


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